Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Source of trust for your company

The ultimate goal of establishment of Grandi Deniz Shipping & Trading Ltd was to gather all requirements of her customers under one roof and to stick to the mission of providing services related closely to factors of time, cost and quality.

From micro-chip to the largest shipments

Grandi, working closely with her partnership owners has no limits on service levels, in full vessel chartering and handling of standard and out of standard shipments carried by sea, surface, air and railways. Starting with the carriage of one microchip to the largest shipments, Grandi provides smooth, speedy transportation with the most adequate quality alternative solutions but at the minimum cost levels. Grandi offers the cheapest and trustable services by using all available sources. Your project cargoes are being transported at the minimum cost levels, on time and in a professional way by combined transport systems.

At the same time, we offer intercontinental transport services by Capemax, Panamax and Handymax vessels for all bulk commodities including minerals, grains, steel products, scraps, fertilizers with imo standard or without standard, timbers, logs.

Delivering the information to our customers before they request it

Entrusting in our experience, constantly learning and servicing all of our customers in a professional way has been always our major goal in priority. The major difference in our company from our competitors is to deliver the information to our customers before they request it. Our company gives priority to quality, speed and cost factors which are main points in establishing a difference in view of ever-increasing competition conditions as a result of globalization. Grandi has started to use advisory services for management and necessary steps have been taken in the area of ‘Total Quality’ and her quality will be certified in a short while.